Reichsprogrom Night

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The Reichspogorm Night happend in Germany.

In the year 1938, at November 9th.

In the night

  • Synagouges were set on fire
  • apartments/houses of jews were destroyed
  • businesses of jews were destoryed
  • people were killed

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similar words


Reich Pograme Night

Night of the Pogromes

detailed explanation

Pogrom means:

  • butchery,
  • genocide,
  • bloodbath

The Reichspogrom Night was during the Nazi-time in Germany.

During that time it was common for Nazis to destroy family houses and houses of god of the jews.

It was also common to hurt and kill jews.

Nazis already attacked jews before this night. But this night was especially horrible.

Later, Nazis brought hundreds of thousands of jews into concentration camps.

The Nazis killed most of the jews in those camps.