Children's Day

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Children's Day is the name of a day.

People should remember that childrens have rights.

on the picture you see _____________

Words with same meanings[edit | edit source]

Universal Children's Day

Detailed explanation[edit | edit source]

Children's Day is celebrated in many countires.

Children's is once every year.

The day is celebrated since the year 1921.

That was in Turkey.

At the year 1954 the United Nations said:

Every country should celebrate Children's Day.

Today Children's Day is celebrated in 154 countires.

Children's Day is celebrated at dfferent days.

For example:

  • in 30 countries Children's Day is at the June 1. For example in China and the USA.
  • in Germany and Austria Children's Day is at the September 20.

Die United Nations celebrate Children's Day at the November 20.

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