Migration crisis 2015

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The Migration crisis 2015 is a particular situation.

Lot of refugees and migrants coming to the European Union.

The refugees looking for help and protection.

Because of the dangers in their own country .

The people come across the Sea or through Southeast Europe.

When they arrive they applying for asylum.

In the year 2015 a very lot of people are coming.

Because of that the situation is a crisis.

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Words with same meanings[edit | edit source]

2015 Mediterranean migration crisis

European migrant crisis

Migration crisis in Europe

European migration crisis

2015 European migrant crisis

European immigrant crisis

Migrant crisis

European refugee crisis

Refugee crisis

EU migrant crisis

Detailed explanation[edit | edit source]

People come from this areas:

Most of the people came from the countries Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea.

Because of the dangers in this countries.

For example the Civil War in Syria.

Most of the people are adult men.

The crisis began in the year 2015.

At this time lot of boats sank and more than 1,200 people died.

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