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A Mnemonic is a help.

With a Mnemonic you can remember things easily.

For example

Mnemonic is any learning technique.

It helps to store information easily in the human memory.

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Memory system


Detailed explanation[edit | edit source]

Mnemonics translate information into a other form.

With the other form the brain can store it better.

Better than its original form.

There are different Types to use mnemonic.

1. Music mnemonics

Songs can be used as a mnemonic.

For example when you sing the alphabet.

2. Name mnemonics

The first letter of a word is combined into a new word.

3. Expression or word mnemonics

The first letter of a word is combined to form a sentence.

4. Model mnemonics

5. Ode mnemonics

6. Note organization mnemonics

The word mnemonic comes from the Greek words mnene.

Mnene means memory.

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